Deep Breathing

Hello My Loves!

I have been going to a Pain Management Group every week and last week we were taught a Deep Breathing relaxation technique. I have never found deep breathing or guided meditation or anything of the sort rather helpful but the more I try and practice it, the more it helps! Funny how that works, amiright?

This is how I was taught it….

Put one hand on your chest and one on your belly.
Breathe in through your nose so that your belly expands like a balloon. It took me a while to get this and I found it works well if I am laying down, although this technique can be used sitting or standing as well.
Exhale through your mouth so that your belly retracts.

This can be used at any time, although it’s particularly useful when you’re experiencing extra stress or pain. I have generalized anxiety disorder so I have been using this quite a lot leading up to the holiday!

Let me know if you’re finding it helpful as well, or if you have any questions!




— The featured photo is (quite clearly) not me, but it shows what I am talking about! —