The Importance of Self Love

Good Morning Lovelies!

Check out the first Song of the Week of 2016 here! Have it playing while you read on about my journey towards self love!

I say journey towards self love because it really is just that, a journey. I do not see an end point where I am completely in love with myself, who I am and where I am in life. It is an ever evolving relationship that is as important to work on as any other relationship in life; possibly even more important. Read More

Dear 2015,

Dear 2015,

Have a seat… this may take a while.

2015, we’ve had some good times. I’ll try to remember some of them; I’m sure they’re there.

But looking at the year as whole, it wasn’t the greatest. I went into it with such high hopes, thinking that it couldn’t be any worse than 2014… how wrong I was.

I’m not going to enter 2016 with such ignorance, because I’ve realized that it can always be worse.  Read More