Pretty with Pain

I was lucky enough to find, by chance, a Fibromyalgia Support Group in my local city. I went to the last meeting this past Saturday and a member of the Canadian Pain Coalition, Lynn Cooper, was there to give a presentation on her experience with pain and what the role of the CPC is.

One thing that she said that struck me was that she identifies as a Person with Pain (PWP) as opposed to a patient. I’ve always been a proponent of person first language, stemming from my work with children with disabilities (autism, mainly), and have never thought of myself as anything other than Courtney. But now, I am not just referring to myself as a Person with Pain, but Pretty with Pain.

I am so many things, not just a person racked with pain. I am Courtney. I am a wife, a mommy to a dog and cat, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, a niece, and so much more.

Makeup and cute, comfortable clothes has been a huge help to me lately. While I am so often bedridden or locked in my house, I like to get all made up whenever I am lucky enough to step foot outside the door. I don’t want to look as sick as I feel. I don’t want people to see me as some helpless, poor, pathetic sick girl. Even though the cane/walker/brace pretty much washes away any indication of health, I like to make up for that wherever I can.

So I’ve been busy with my new eye pallets and funky leggings and occasionally running a brush through my hair, hoping that people don’t automatically feel sorry for me when they get a glimpse of my cane and limp.

What do you like to do to feel better?

Love and spoons xx




Hey! My name is Courtney and I am a wife, a mom to a pup and cat, and I just happen to have a few chronic illnesses that have drastically changed my life. I've gained a brand new perspective of life and who I want to be while I face these new challenges. I am so excited about this new phase and meeting fellow Chronic Warriors! Please join me! Love and Gentle Hugs xx Courtney

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